Functional Lighting for your Home

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kitchen underlights

Home Functional Lighting

There are two main types of lighting in any home. Lighting for accenting and creating a look or certain atmosphere, we call this decorative lighting and lighting with the practical purpose of providing minimal light levels. We call this functional lighting. Of course, in our homes, we often combine the two for efficiency and cost purposes. The below lighting section focuses on practical or ‘functional’ home lighting.

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LED Lamps

Looking to save energy in your home? Designer LED lamps (bulbs) with the latest in LED technology is a more environmentally friendly way of lighting your home. LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy and last for 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Our LED lamps come in a variety shapes, powers and sizes with a base to fit and replace any of your old lights.

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in ceiling led lights

In-Ceiling Lighting

Spotlights and downlighters provide an essential function in most modern homes. Often dimmable, they provide the required light levels for practical tasks but can also be controlled and set to deliver ambience or a more tranquil setting.

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kitchen strip lighting

LED Strip Lighting

Whether it’s cove lighting, coffer lighting, kitchen trims, or you just want to highlight an area of your home, LED strip lighting is a great way to subtly deliver that extra touch. Often hidden, our LED strips can be RGB colour-changing or white with temperature control.

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garden light

Outdoor Lighting

Here at Motives Lighting we have a vast array of IP-rated outdoor lighting, including bollards, spike lights, exterior lanterns and wall-mounted lights to more decorative feature lighting such as rock and brick lights. Much of our range is solar powered, eliminating the need for outdoor wiring or manual control.

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security light motion sensor

Security Lighting

Security lighting is a great addition and safety feature to any home. Providing a simple deterrent, whilst illuminating dark paths and entranceways. Often solar powered, they can be easily mounted out of reach, charge through the day and provide PIR protection when the natural daylight levels drop.

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