Commercial Lighting for the Workplace

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Commercial Lighting

Our commercial lighting is designed with performance, ease of installation and energy efficiency in mind. From office lighting that enhances the workspace while controlling glare to PIR and daylight linking high bays for spatial efficiency, we work closely with our clients to ensure they have the latest LED technology accompanied by the very best end-to-end service.

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Commercial & Office Lighting

There are many factors to consider when designing a commercial or mixed-use space. Uniformity, glare, colour rendering, lux level, energy, natural daylight, the use of the space now and in the future, fire rating and of course, cost. At Motives Lighting, we supply light fixtures to satisfy all of your considerations and requirements.

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Industrial Lighting

From IP65-rated linear and anti-corrosive fittings to some of the most efficient high bays on the market today, we understand that industrial lighting must comply with rigid standards while often being ordered in large quantities. Energy efficiency and good controls are key in these environments. Motives Lighting work closely with our partners to ensure our fittings are fit for purpose and use only the latest LED design and controls.

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Agricultural Lighting

LED lighting technology can efficiently generate a wide range of spectral power distributions, optical distributions, and intensity levels for plant production. Optimising these lighting attributes for various agricultural applications can improve plant growth, resulting in increased productivity. In addition to the grow benefits, the energy savings offered by LED technology, by fostering a clear understanding of the optimal lighting conditions for all of the various agricultural lighting applications and the addition of smart controls can be significant.

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Exterior Lighting

From centrally controlled post-top street lighting to wall-mounted accent and low-level urban fixtures, here at Motives Lighting we have a large portfolio of exterior lighting solutions.

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Emergency Lighting

Critical to any commercial premises, emergency lighting provides both wayfinding and illumination to ensure the safe exit of a building in both normal operational and loss of power states. As an OEM, we ensure our fittings meet the current CE, UKCA and UL standards, no matter where your home market is.

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