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Who We Are

We are a global family with generations of excellence and innovation within our industry verticals.

Operating with the humanity and accountability of a multigenerational family endeavor, we treat your business as we would our own…a local partner with a global footprint!

‘The global company behind your brand’

Our Story


Our Story

Motives International is a global family business. Founded in 2003 with a team of 6 people in Vietnam, we now have a global footprint and joint ventures on four continents but still operate with the humanity and accountability of a multi-generational family business.

Motives produces for many of the largest and most well-known brands worldwide. We now have a team of 500+ employees and representatives across 10 office locations worldwide. In Vietnam we have 300+ employees to oversee sourcing, production, customer service, product design and quality control.

Motives LIGHTING is a division of the Motives International brand focused on partnering manufacturers with a similar vision to our own. We help to bring the world of functional and decorative lighting under one roof. As we have expanded our sales capabilities across the globe, we continue to enhance our roots within Vietnam. Since 2014, we have built 18 homes for families across the country. We have also provided 77 academic scholarships to aspiring students in need of financial aid. These are only a selection of the initiatives that we have implemented to support our global communities.

Our Core Values

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Our Core Values

At Motives, our core values are based upon ethics and a sense of responsibility. We are proud of our heritage, and we are committed to improving the working conditions of everyone involved in our global, more ethical and sustainable supply chain.

We are proud to partner with companies that are aligned with our core values, however we are also committed to helping our customers on their journey and with their required certification and compliance.

We pride ourselves on our core values of - sustainability, accountability, quality, innovation and collaboration.

We are trailblazing a path in search of more sustainable manufacturing methods and materials. Always looking for new territories and sourcing to ensure we are ahead of the curve for you, our partners.

Sourcing & Manufacturing

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Sourcing & Manufacturing

Motives International has managed production for many of the largest brands worldwide, some of whom have been with us now for nearly 15 years! We have over 500 employees to manage construction, costing, sampling, compliance, merchandising, production, and delivery.

Motives Lighting division manages every step of the manufacturing process, from sourcing the latest technology, through design and factory set-up to final assembly, in-house testing and 3rd party certification such as UL, CE and UKCA approvals.

Our sales offices are located in New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Toulouse, Dubai and Barcelona. We work on a FOB as standard but can work to FCA, POE, or DDP if required. The Motives Lighting division is focused on sourcing and production within Vietnam.

Quality Control

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Quality Control

We understand that our success hinges on the success of our clients, and their success is dependent upon our product arriving exactly as designed, on time, on budget and as specified. In short, as agreed. These requirements are not mere suggestions, they are our way of life, our ethos and one that we take very seriously.

To ensure we can deliver on this promise, we have quality control experts embedded within our partner manufacturers to ensure a consistent, disciplined product of the highest standards. Independent quality control teams are continuously monitoring all our factories, to ensure that all criteria are maintained.

Throughout our entire operation, maximizing speed is another important priority, from sourcing to final delivery. Our teams are fully synchronized to maximize efficiency, even under extremely tight schedules, to meet our customer’s deadlines.

All of our products are rigorously tested, and our Quality Control procedures are operated and followed under ISO 9001:2015.

The manufacturing facilities follow IQC, IPQC, FQC, and OQC from the product design stage, right through to mass production.

The factories have the following accreditations ISO 9001;2015, TCVN 8781: 2011, IEC 62031: 2008, IEC / PAS 62717:2011, IEC 62321:2013, EN 60598-2-2:2012 and FSC & SMETA for the decorative products.

100% Transparency & Compliance

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100% Transparency & Compliance

If trust is built on one thing, it is transparency – an ethical imperative at Motives since our inception. Embracing transparency has been key to our success and continues to be a cornerstone of our ideology. We have always encouraged our customers to become directly engaged in our process, from sampling to factory production, from sourcing to compliance, we give them a clear window into everything that’s happening. This gives our customers control over how things are done in each step of the production process. This philosophy has helped Motives forge the many long-standing relationships built on trust – which is the hallmark of our offering and the reason our customers stay with us.

Compliance isn’t an inconvenience that we must get through; it is something that we believe defines, in part, who we are. It is the functional result of our philosophy of transparency and the substantiation of our ethical practices. Further, a strict adherence to the highest compliance standards has a significant impact on our performance and reflects the honorable character of our business. Our factories meet full compliance for all customers globally.

Our compliance team in Vietnam is dedicated to ensuring that the requirements of each individual client are met. Motives is committed to fair trade principles by partnering with factories and the respective local working communities on fair prices and payment, fair market wages, ensuring no forced labor, ensuring good working conditions, respect for the environment, and promoting fair and sustainable trade. We are also dedicated to collaborating with customers on obtaining additional certifications as requested.

Our Partners

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Our Partners

Some of our clients have been with us for 15 years. They are much more than clients, our customers are our partners, an extension of our own business. Many of them household names. We know that any order we receive will be a reflection on their business and we therefore treat it with the focus it deserves.

Our global team is passionate about the work they do, providing meticulous attention to detail and a near obsessional dedication to excellence. One of the many benefits of working closely with team members across the world is the ability to share ideas and local market knowledge. Motives Lighting provides customers with cutting edge technology and in-trend designs.

We have the ability to execute our partners OEM/Private label needs and source from a variety of manufacturing partners throughout Vietnam.

Whether you offer your customers beautifully handcrafted light fixtures that create that stunning focal point in any room or you provide practical lighting so your customers can create scenes and set the mood of their space, Motives lighting is a partner you can trust to treat your business exactly as we do our own.

Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility

We take pride in supporting local and internationally based charitable organizations and are devoted to our employees and their communities, our company initiatives include;

Building Homes for Local Communities

Since the initiation of this program in 2014, Motives has built 18 homes for families in local Vietnamese communities. Our team works diligently with charitable organizations to identify the areas in most need of improved living conditions.

Children's Education Fund

Motives has provided 77 academic scholarships to university students in need of financial support. We take pride in supporting the academic dreams and ambitions of dedicated students across the country.

Motives Supporting Fund

We take the concept of family very seriously at Motives. Not only do we focus on the social welfare of our employees, but we look at how to help and support the extended families as well. This could also include parents of our employees, or more distant relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc). We have created a fund to support the extended families of our employees during times of natural disaster or medical crisis.

We honor our customers and employees every day, by treating them like who they are, important members of our extended family.

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